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Chicago Bulls

With six championship sins between 1991-1998, the Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team with the only NBA team to win 70 or more games in a single season. Located in Chicago, Illinois, the Bulls play in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference and their games are played at the Untied Center. Founded in 1966, the Bulls were originally playing their games at the International Amphitheatre for the first few seasons. In 1984, the team received the third pick of the NBA draft and selected Hakeem Olajuwon, Sam Bowie, and future MVP player Michael Jordan. With the new additions to the team, they were hopeful in rebuilding the team.

With MJ, as he was commonly referred to as, he set franchise records during his inaugural years and led the Bulls back to the playoffs. By the 1986-1987 season, he was the first Bull player to be named to the All-NBA first team. His glory days all ended in 1993 when Jordan announced his retirement. After his departure, the Bulls were led by Scottie Pippen who became one of the top players in the league by winning the All-Star MVP in 1994. It was in the same year that they relocated from their home at Chicago Stadium into their current home of United Center. The following year, MJ surprised everyone and came out of retirement and the following year, the Bulls had a lineup of Harper, Jordan, Rodman, and Longley which was one of the league's best. With the return of Jordan, the team made their way to the top of the league up until 1998 when their championship era came to an end. But later in the year, Jordan made his second official retirement public. About 10 years later, they made a return to the playoffs and continued to do so for the next few years. In their more recent years, the Bulls have been plagued by injuries to many of their key players such as Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose. Ready to start the new season, the Chicago Bulls are prepared to take on their competition.

United Center

1901 W. Madison St.

Chicago, IL 60612

(Driving Directions)

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