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The Reds

Starting as an independent club in 1881, the Cincinnati Reds are now located in Cincinnati, Ohio and are members of the National League Central Division. In 1882, they became a charter member of the American Association and later, joined the National League in 1890. As of 1969, the Cincinnati Reds are known to be the first all-professional baseball team in the nation. Their uniform colors are red, white, and black with their logo with a large letter “C” with “reds” written inside of it. When the team was first started, the Reds played in the Bank Street Grounds as well as multiple other fields before they had the Great American Ball Park built for them which has been their permanent home field since 2003. With their first World Series victory in 1919, the Cincinnati Reds continued on to win 4 more championships as well as 1 American Association pennant, 9 National League pennants, and 10 Division Titles. However, with their first Series Championship title, it was also the year of the “Black Sox” scandal in which 8 members of the Chicago White Sox got banned from baseball for life for losing their games on purpose. This ground breaking incident led to the Reds winning the Series that year. In their home state of Ohio, there is an annual pre-season baseball game, called the Ohio Cup, which includes the Cincinnati Reds and their biggest rivals, the Cleveland Indians. In the Cup's first years, it was a single-game cup played at the Copper Stadium in Columbus, Ohio with the audience exceeded 15,000 each game. It stopped in 1997 because interleague play had started but it started up again in 2008 for good.

With the construction of the Great American Ball Park and its grand opening, attendance improved a great amount but the team still continued to lose. Their losing streak continued on with the 2004 and 2005 seasons and in 2006, Robert Castellini took over as owner of the team and fired then general manager, Dan O’Brien and hired Wayne Krivsky to replace him. The Reds finished the season in 5thplace in the Central Division, slowly making their way up. During their 2013 offseason, the team traded Drew Stubbs to the Indians and in turn, received right fielder Shin-Soo Choo. With the St. Louis Cardinals as their biggest competition in their league, they're both fighting for the chance to make their way to the top and go back to their glory days of having winning seasons.

Great American Ball Park

100 Joe Nuxhall Way Cincinnati, OH 45202

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